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Cubbyhole store your documents online. Depending on your plan, you will have a usable storage capacity accorded.
You just have to upload your files and then you will be able to access them from anywhere!


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You can share your directories with other Cubbyhole users. You decide whether to grant read and write access or read-only.
You can also directly share links to a directory or resource of your own with your friends even if they don't have a Cubbyhole account.


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Cubbyhole enables you to browse and organise your files. It lets you create, move, copy, delete and rename folders.
Download and upload your documents from/to the device you are browsing from.


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Cubbyhole Iphone App

Retrieve all the Cubbyhole features to store and manage your documents online on our new Cubbybole app.

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Cubbyhole Synchronization Client

Synchronize all or some of your documents on your local machine.

Download it now:

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Who we are

Cumorah Interactive is a creative company which has been created in 2002 in San Francisco. Today, it's a worldwide leader in creating business web applications to fit companies' needs.

What we do

Cubbyhole is a new storage service that allows clients to store and synchronize their data online, from various devices.